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Small Great Things

Preparing exhibitions with great attention to detail. Everything to make the guest feel at our best.


Location of the permanent exhibition is Poznań, PL. The guest collection is available for various events across Europe.

Underwear and Accessories

The collection includes complete women’s clothing as well as lingerie and other mainly 19th-century accessories.

The beginning of the century

The oldest original historical costumes from the XIXGallery collection come from the beginning of the 19th century.

Dozens of outfits

The collection includes several dozen interesting outfits and accessories mainly from the 19th century.

The Museum of Historical Costume and collection prepared and maintained in cooperation with the manufacturer of historical costumes Exhibitions prepared with support of Mundi Plumarii Foundation.

16th Feb 2019

The fashion repeats itself – Poznań, 29th March

The fashion repeats itself. The revival styles in the 19th century ladies fashion. We may define fashion in many ways, however, none of them will be sufficient to describe all...

04th Jan 2019

The Museum of Historical Costume in 2019

Museum of the Historical Costume in 2019 We are happy to announce that the XIXgallery collection officialy transforms into the Museum of Historical Costume. We are currently negotiating the regulations...

30th Sep 2018

Preparations and the opening exhibition in Piła – PHOTO and VIDEO relation

The opening  exhibition “Belle epoque. Women’s fashion 1871-1914” took place on 27 September at the Regional Museum in Piła. The guests were welcomed by the Museum Director Ziemowit Niedźwiecki. Among...

19th Sep 2018

Belle époque – Women’s Fashion 1871-1914 at the Regional Museum in Piła

The exhibition presents changes that occurred in the women’s fashion between the second half of the 19th century and the outbreak of the First World War. Belle époque is a...

04th Sep 2018

Suffragettes and Patriots – Images of Polish Fighting Women of the 19th and 20th Centuries

Dresses from our collection will be shown on the exhibition “Suffragettes and Patriots – Images of Polish Fighting Women of the 19th and 20th Centuries”, which will be presented in...

07th Nov 2017

Enjoy our exhibition in Nowa Sól from November 17

The opening exhibition of historic women’s outfits from the 19th century titled “Dama z Żurnala” (English: Lady from a Fashion Magazine) will take place at 5p.m on 17 November 2017...

15th Aug 2017

Visit us in Człuchów

Until 8 September 2017, you can see several costumes from the 1840s and 1860s, as well as prints from that period. You are welcome to visit the exhibition at the...

19th Jan 2017

“In the Wardrobe of the Great-grandmother” – exhibition in Szamotuły from March 8

This year we are preparing a few new outfits for the exhibition, some of our “old” dresses are undergoing maintenance and it will be possible to enjoy them in a...

16th May 2016

Wedding dress at the Museum in Strzyżów

Zygmunt Leśniak Local Museum of Strzyżów County will present one of the dresses from our collection at the nearest exhibition. The wedding dress from around 1908 will be exhibited in...

20th Apr 2016

Exhibition in Brzeg extended until 4 May

Due to numerous requests for the extension of the “Elegance Time, Time of Singularity” exhibition, we are happy to inform that it will end only on 4 May. The Museum...

02nd Feb 2016

Exhibition in Brzeg on 5 March

Next month we will visit the Museum of Silesian Piasts in Brzeg. The exhibition will begin on March 5 at 5:00 pm with a concert by Marek Ravski and will...

24th Jun 2015

Szczecinek from July 2 to September 6

We would like to invite you officially to Szczecinek. From 2 July 2015 to 6 September 2015 in the Regional Museum in Szczecinek we will be present antique clothes from...