The Museum of Historical Costume

Black silk mourning dress, circa 1875-1880

Suknia jedwabna czarna około 1875-1880 -9120

Black silk dress, circa 1875-1880

This dress has a separate bodice and skirt. It is made of black silk satin. Decorations in the form of flowers are made of floss and chenille. The bodice has a small pocket for a medallion.

The costume from that period was worn with a corset and bustle – a special undergarment used to add fullness at the back of a skirt. The presented model has a bustle built inside the skirt.

The dress comes from Canada. It was donated to the Museum of Fine Arts in San Francisco by Miss Winifred O. Little of Toronto.

At present, the dress is part of Anna Moryto’s collection. It was presented for the first time in Europe during an exhibition titled “Polish Nobility” (February 6, 2015 to May 31, 2015) at the Museum in Gliwice.