The Museum of Historical Costume

Reception dress from Belfast, 1897-1899

March 17 is the day when we remember the life and achievements of Saint Patrick – patron of Ireland. Traditionally, this day is dominated by the green color and a three-leaf clover known as Shamrock is the most important symbol. A beautiful dress from the late 19th century is a great example of a costume made especially for the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

The dress is made of silk rep and cream brocade with shamrocks. It is a two-piece dress. Bodice is fastened at the front and the fastening is hidden under the drapery. High neckline and stand-up collar are decorated with a ruffled organza embroidered with pink shamrocks. The sleeves have decorative frills on elbows. On the left shoulder there is a black velvet bow. The skirt is strongly stiffened and resembles the shape of an inverted goblet. The dress was made in Belfast, whereas its colors and the shamrock pattern refer to the Irish tradition.

Original vintage dress.