The Museum of Historical Costume

Dress, circa 1893-1897.

dress 1880 1893-1897 -7128The dress is made of green wool. There is a velvet belt at the front. It is decorated with an appliqué  made of black string, as well as black haberdashery. The dress has ample sleeves, which became popular again in the late 19th century. The interior of the bodice is stabilized with whalebone, whereas an additional layer of fabric stabilizes the sleeves.

The skirt is straight in shape, resembling an inverted goblet. Under the skirt, along with several layers of petticoats, there was usually a small bustle in the form of a “pillow” rounding the hips and buttocks. The edge of the skirt is stiffened with canvas and trimmed with a velvet belt.

This type of dress could be worn as a formal outfit, for a less formal occasion or for a stroll.

Original vintage dress.