The Museum of Historical Costume

Expertise, dating and valuation of antique clothing

metka-w-zabytkowej-sukni-z-drugiej-polowy-xix-wiekuEver since the XIXgallery collection of historical garments has come to light, requests for the valuation or dating of antique clothes began to appear in our mailbox. Individuals and, increasingly, state institutions, such as museums, ask for the possibility of getting specialist expertise. The representatives of auction houses turn to us for professional advice.

Every historical outfit that will visit our studios is a mine of knowledge for us. Each one is in a different state, has defects or alterations, the history of which varies, but is still extremely valuable and interesting.

We remain open to this type of inquiries, we are happy to serve our knowledge and many years of experience related, in particular, to the historic women’s outfits from the 19th century.