The Museum of Historical Costume

Hot Weekend for Children’s Day

Weekend June 1 – 2, 2019, was scorching in Poland. Despite the perfect weather for sunbathing, the youngest guests appeared in the Museum of the History of Clothing to admire the historic clothes of their peers from the 19th century. An additional attraction was the possibility of hand-made toys from the era. We hope that the optical games with the nineteenth-century thaumatrope will inspire the youngest to explore the secrets of science and applied art further.

The exhibition of children’s costumes, which appeared especially for the festival of children, will remain in the Museum until the end of June 2019. The show will feature original vintage clothing and reconstructions.

List of outfits exhibited:

  • 1884 Child’s dress, age 3-5
  • 1884 Child’s dress, age 3-5
  • 1840 Infant’s dress, age 0-1
  • 1850 Girl’s outfit, age 3-5
  • 1820 Boy’s skeleton suit, age 2-4
  • 1820 Boy’s skeleton suit, age 6-7
  • 1870 Girl’s dress, age 3-5
  • 1884 Boy’s suit, age 6-8
  • 1840 Bridesmaid dress, age 10-13

We invite you from Thursday to Sunday.