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Small Great Things

Preparing exhibitions with great attention to detail. Everything to make the guest feel at our best.


Location of the permanent exhibition is Poznań, PL. The guest collection is available for various events across Europe.

Underwear and Accessories

The collection includes complete women’s clothing as well as lingerie and other mainly 19th-century accessories.

The beginning of the century

The oldest original historical costumes from the XIXGallery collection come from the beginning of the 19th century.

Dozens of outfits

The collection includes several dozen interesting outfits and accessories mainly from the 19th century.

The Museum of Historical Costume and collection prepared and maintained in cooperation with the manufacturer of historical costumes Exhibitions prepared with support of Mundi Plumarii Foundation.

22nd Apr 2015

Exhibition in Czarnków

Tomorrow (23 April) at 5 p.m. we will start an exhibition in the Museum of Czarnków Land. As usual, you will be able to see antique, nineteenth-century clothes and reconstructions....

01st Feb 2015

A mourning dress at the exhibition in Gliwice

A silk black mourning dress, never before presented in Europe,  from around 1875 – 1880. it will appear on 6 February at the Museum in Gliwice during the thematic exhibition...

17th Dec 2014

Expertise, dating and valuation of antique clothing

Ever since the XIXgallery collection of historical garments has come to light, requests for the valuation or dating of antique clothes began to appear in our mailbox. Individuals and, increasingly,...

02nd Dec 2014
Exhibition in Szczecinek

Exhibition in Szczecinek

In the summer of 2015, we look forward to seeing you at the exhibition at the Regional Museum in Szczecinek. Once again we will present a unique collection of antique...

15th Nov 2014

Brief summary of the exhibition in Opole

Some time ago we received information from the Opole Silesia Museum that almost 10,000 people visited this year’s exhibition in Opole. In our opinion, this is an excellent result for...

11th Sep 2014

Retro Metamorphoses in Małachowski Palace in Nałęczów

This Sunday, on September 14, we will present three historic dresses from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries at Małachowski Palace in Nałęczów. A short lecture and presentation...

13th May 2014

Meeting with Anna Moryto

Although the exhibition officially ends on 27 May, the costumes will remain in the Museum’s basement until the end of the month. On Saturday, May 31, during the Opole Night...

16th Apr 2014

Art workshops – Fabrics Printing April 27, 2014

The Museum of Opole Silesia would like to invite you to the art “Fabrics Printing” workshops accompanying the exhibition “Crinolines and Lace”. The meeting will take place on the last...

10th Mar 2014

Completing descriptions and photos

We start completing the description of the collection and adding photos. We hope that by the end of March we will have updated the information on all historical attire items...

06th Mar 2014
New closing date of the exhibition in Opole!

New closing date of the exhibition in Opole!

Attention, plans related to the closing date of the exhibition in Opole have changed. The last day when you will be able to see historical costumes at the Museum of...

28th Feb 2014

Knowledge is the most important

Original vintage clothes are one of the most valuable sources of knowledge, which we use while reconstructing costumes. In addition to a wide range of books, publications and paintings, these...

25th Feb 2014

Honorary patronage

The next exhibition has won the honorary patronage of Mrs Danuta Jazłowiecka – Member of the European Parliament and Janina Okrągły – Member of the Polish Parliament. In the program...