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The fashion repeats itself – Poznań, 29th March

The fashion repeats itself. The revival styles in the 19th century ladies fashion. We may define fashion in many ways, however, none of them will be sufficient to describe all its aspects. It is impossible to overestimate its value and the role it has played. The influence that fashion exerts on society is belittled by most of us, and yet fashion is an art that we experience in everyday life.

On March 29, the Museum of Historical Costume
invites to the inaugural exhibition

“The Fashion Repeats Itself”.
Poznań, ul. Kwiatowa 14/2

The 19th century was a time of turbulent development of science related not only to the industry. The Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque were rediscovered, numerous archaeological excavations were carried out. The fascination with past centuries found its reflection in the applied art. Historical styles appeared in architecture, interior design, in the style of jewelry, as well as cuts and decorations of women’s dresses. The use of new technical possibilities in tailoring and patterns taken from ancient times resulted in a very interesting and dynamic picture of women’s fashion in the 19th century.

The 19th century fashion repeats itself, ending and starting with a style that refers to ancient patterns. The first one drew inspiration from the originals, whereas the second referred rather to its predecessor than to antiquity. In the remaining periods the references to the Gothic, Romanesque or Renaissance art are very clear and significantly influenced the formation of the style of a given decade. However, fashion did not only refer to distant times. Fashion was also repeated in shorter, decades-long intervals, as it was the case with the costumes from the 1830s and 1890s. The costumes presented at the exhibition allow you to observe the way women’s fashion changed over the course of the century. From seemingly simple antique costumes from the beginning of the century, to heavy and richly embroidered Belle Epoque dresses.

Information for visitors:

Vernissage (private view) on invitations on March 29th.
We invite visitors on March 30th.

Visiting with the museum with curator on 30th/31st March:

Exciting Meeting in the Museum – we  invite you to the first event in The Museum of History Costume combined with a curator’s visit to the current exhibition. Guiding guests (and above all, telling about the history of fashion) will be the author of the exhibition: Anna Moryto.

The tour will take place on 30th and 31st March 2019 at full hours from 10am to 5pm.

Visiting hours:

Thursday- Friday 11am – 3pm
Saturday – Sunday 11am – 5pm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday closed


12 PLN / 3 EUR adult
8 PLN / 2 EUR kids and seniors
kids under 7 years free admission