The Museum of Historical Costume

Enjoy our exhibition in Nowa Sól from November 17

The opening exhibition of historic women’s outfits from the 19th century titled “Dama z Żurnala” (English: Lady from a Fashion Magazine) will take place at 5p.m on 17 November 2017 at the Town Museum in Nowa Sól . All 20 complete outfits come from our collection.

In addition, we will present two reconstructions of clothing during the vernissage: male and female outfits made in the studio

The event is accompanied by the presentation of a vast collection of 19th-century prints. Most of them come from the collections of the Nowa Sól Museum. Bear in mind that these are exactly the prints Andrzej Banach used in his book “On Fashion in the 19th Century” (Polish: “O modzie XIX wieku”).

The Mundi Plumaria Foundation supports the event. Thanks to the Foundation, the exhibition will be accompanied by small gadgets closely related to the history of fashion and at the same time to the history of the town of Nowa Sól.

The exhibition will last until January 15, 2018.

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The exhibits from the permanent exhibition will also attract enthusiasts of the history of fashion to the Town Museum in Nowa Sól.


Visitors will find there such magnificent exhibits as:

Two pieces of historic mules, i.e. low heel slippers with no back, worn by elegant women in the 17th and 18th centuries in the privacy of their homes. One of them is made of silk brocade, whereas the other is decorated with rich embroidery.

The collection of the museum includes antique Silesian cauls. You may see a few of them on a permanent exhibition. These are beautiful examples of embroidery art. The embroidered caul was one of the most valuable garment of the 19th-century Silesian woman.

There is a charming skirt decorated with several rows of pleats and flounces from the 1880s at the permanent exhibition. Visitors may also admire a beautiful bonnet and caftan.

The production of threads plays a significant role in the history of Nowa Sól. The museum’s collection includes threads, samples and promotional materials from the pre-war times manufactured by Gruschwitz Textilewerke, as well as by the post-war “Odra”.

The manufacture founded in 1816 by Johann Dawid Gruschwitz marked the town’s landscape for almost 200 years. Unfortunately, the factory went bankrupt in the 1990s and today nothing remained of elegant buildings. Perfect mock-ups in the museum depict the way the factory looked like in the heyday. Obviously visitors to the museum may admire many other exhibits too.

Women’s little pieces. Mirror and brush, a beautiful medallion on the left.

Blocks used for printing textiles are a very interesting exhibit. You can also see the patterns that stamping on the fabric creates.

We look forward to seeing you.