The Museum of Historical Costume

Dress, circa 1887-1889

Dress ca. 1887-1889-7125The dress is made of a cream-colored woolen fabric. Its interior is stabilized with whalebone. The edge of the bodice, as well as the tail are trimmed with lace. The balloon sleeves are not stiffened and loosely fall along the shoulders. The neckline and cuffs are decorated with silk down. The skirt has a simple cut typical of this period. At the front there is an asymmetrical decoration made of lace and silk ribbons. The edge of the skirt is slightly stiffened. A bustle or stiffened petticoat were worn underneath the skirt in order to raise the back of the skirt.

This type of dress could be used as a wedding or engagement gown, as well as during other elegant, formal occasions.

Original vintage dress.